Top 10 IOS Application Development Company in Kenya

Some mobile apps are designed to work on all platforms but some are specific to one platform. If your business requires IOS apps, you need to consult the best developers to enhance your client’s experience. Luckily, you have many IOS app developers to choose from in Kenya. Here are the top ten developers.

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Future Work Technologies

The firm has hired a team of skilled engineers that can create customized IOS apps for all clients. Since its establishment, Future Work Technologies has developed hundreds of IOS apps for different brands. The company has developed apps for chat, food, restaurants, vacations, and social media among other categories.

Litchman Consultants Limited

Litchman Consultants offer a wide variety of digital solutions including app development. The company ranks high among IOS application developers in Kenya. However, the developers also offer apps for other platforms including blackberry, android, windows phone, and cross platform apps.

Umptech Limited

The developers design and develop applications for mobile devices and desktops. Umptech provide digital solutions to new and established businesses. In addition to IOS apps, the company designs and develops cross platform, android, and windows phone apps.

Muva Technologies

Muva is among the top application developers in Kenya. More than half of its apps are designed for the IOS platform. Muva has introduced several apps in the Kenya. Half of the apps in the company’s portfolio are IOS apps. The company is your best pick for outstanding designs and top-ranking IOS apps. Muva also develops other categories of applications including android, ipad, iphone, windows phone, and blackberry applications.

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Timex Treasures

The company offers different solutions in the Kenyan market including apps for IOS, blackberry, windows phone, and android platforms. The developers also offer social media apps that include Facebook apps.

SmicheTech Limited

SmicheTech is one of the tech Kenyan companies that offer a wide range of services. The experts can create customized IOS apps for your business. Other services that SmicheTech offers include web, android, PHP, HTLM, Drupal, Java, and cross platform development among others. You can get most if not all your web and app development solutions from the company.


The developers specialize in top quality apps with high-end features. The developer serves the Kenyan market but has office in global markets including London, UK. In addition to IOS development, Appological offers android, iphone, and ipad development. Its android apps come with push notification features to enhance the users’ experience.

Poa App

The development company has a team of dedicated engineers that develop some of the best IOS apps for the Kenyan market. Poa App Development Company also offers Facebook, iphone, windows phone, and android development services.

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Mambo Microsystems Limited

Mambo offers a wide range of services including mobile apps development services. The company has several years of experience in the Kenyan market. Mambo offers IOS development alongside other apps that include android, windows, and blackberry apps.

Intrepid Data Systems

Intrepid offers quality applications for all major platforms including IOS, blackberry, windows, and android. The company develops applications for all types of businesses and deploys the apps in the relevant stores. Intrepid offer top development service to clients based in Kenya and other countries.


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