Data Backup software for Android Phones

Now everyone has android phones and they use different social and non-social platforms and store data on their smartphones. People store their personal videos, photos, bank account details and plenty of other things which they don’t want to share with anyone else. But, on the other hand, the modern technology gadgets are not safe and you never know what will go wrong and you may lose your personal and confidential data by hackers and scammers. Irrespective of that, thanks to the data backup software, that enables a user to secure their data when devices connected to the cyber space. We have accumulated the top 10 data backup apps which are able to secure your private data to the fullest. It provides data back to all the things stored in the android phone such as call logs, SMS, text messages, IM’s logs, chat conversations recorded calls and others.

TheOneSpy Data Backup app

It is the perfect set of tools that allow a user to secure the personal data from any kind of malicious malware, cyber-ransom ware attack or due to human error. The user just needs to install the TheOneSpy data backup app on the device and after that put all worries to rest. In-case, a person lost, theft the android phone device and if someone has tried to hack your data online, then there is no need to worry. You can retrieve all of your data by visiting the TOS data backup app control panel and you can get all of your lost, theft data within no time. When you install spy app on android phone, all of your stored data synced to the control panel of the data backup software and you will be able to get back the data which you have lost due to any incident happens.

App Backup Restore –Transfer

It is one of the most popular data backup software. It has plenty of features which enable a user the capacity to restore APKs, auto-backup, system states, and plenty of another state of the art features. It provides you the option of having cloud and SD card. It has the capacity to restore your contacts, it allows scanning viruses and only can secure your APKs files and user can reinstall the archives rapidly.

Backup Your Mobile

It is also very popular and one of the finest data backup software of modern age, it has all the data backup solutions and doesn’t have dozens of features. It has a capacity and sheer power to backup of many things which includes apps, system settings, SMS, MMS, Call logs and plenty of other things like, It is UI is very ordinary and data backup work only requires few minutes. It looks fairly antiquated, and you will not be able to use this app for few times poking around. People have stated that the occasional bug. The app is free cost; this is the best thing about it.


CM Backup for Android

It is the arguably more famous and powerful data backup app. It doesn’t provide backup to the applications, but it has the power and accuracy to backup contacts, messages, call logs, bookmarks and as well as the user dictionaries. It is basically a cloud solution so, you can back up your cloud and restore from there. It makes easy for cross-device restoration. It also adds a website that allows you to view and deal with your backups. This app has the finest set of tools of data backup which makes it apart from rest of the data backup.

Easy Backup & Restore for Android

The name of the data backup software is explaining its ability to easy backup and restore. It enables the user to backup of the applications and much other stuff. It allows the user to do data backup of your android phones MMS, calendar and user dictionaries. It provides user option of creating the backup directly from the device or from cloud storage. The user may require a root form features such as app data, batch restoring applications and it is free of cost for users.


The application has gained recent popularity among the users; it doesn’t require rooting at all. It allows users to restore the apps on your computer or on your device depending on your own preferences. If you get its package then it will allow you to sync apps between Android devices and backup and then restore from cloud storage. It is one of the best data backup apps for non-root users. But if you want to use the data backup then you need to learn the basics of it, then a user can use it effectively and with accuracy.

List My App

List my Apps is quite different than the rest of the data backup apps. Rather than just backing things up, it can make a list of your installed apps within your Android smartphone device, it does not have plenty of internal storage for data backup, and to those that not use a lot of application on their android phones devices. It enable a user to make lists such as XML, plain text, Markdown and market URLS and it allows you to make your own by using a template. It is full of features and allows you to get back the data of all of the applications installed on the device.

My Backup

My backup is known as the greatest backup app for android lovers. It enables a user to backup photos, music files, videos, calls logs, SMS and also the system settings. It allows you the dozen of options on where to back up your device or external SD card. Having pro version of the MY Backup you will have plenty of other options and where to backup and to store the data what you are looking for. It is an ultimate app for non-root users.


The data backup software for android cell phones which we have discussed today is the best apps in the business. In-case we have to choose the best data backup software, and then we will suggest you TheOneSpy data backup app.


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