Why is HitPesa App Being Confused for Hot Pesa in Kenya?

Mobile apps are now very popular in Kenya. You can get an app for almost any activity in your day. Better still, you can get a local app that is customized for the Kenyan market. In the past, business owners were relying on their websites to reach their customers. Well-designed and optimized are still necessary because some customers prefer traditional ways of accessing information and services. However, companies now realize the potential in mobile apps especially in advertising their services. The challenge now is the high competition among mobile app developers. Every developer wants to create an app that will attract the largest share of the market. Unfortunately, the competition leaves the customers confused about the apps. For instance, many mobile phone users confuse HitPesa for Hot Pesa. We will tell the reason for the confusion and give you all the information you need about HitPesa.

Why is HitPesa confused for Hotpesa?

One of the main reasons why Kenyans are confusing HitPesa for Hot Pesa is the name. The names of the two apps are somehow similar except for one letter. Anyone who is not keen when checking for the apps online may type in the wrong search term. Another major reason is lack of information about HitPesa. Some mobile phone users do not go past reading the name of the app to know its functions. For those who search for Hot Pesa and did not find it helpful, they simply assume HitPesa is the same thing. The two apps have different designs and functions. However, some Kenyans are unaware of the differences in the functions of the two apps. To address this gap in information, we have outlined everything you need to know about HitPesa below.

What is HitPesa?

HitPesa is an advertising platform that is designed to help sellers reach their target audience with their products. Businesses and individuals can advertise their products and services on the app. The platform is affordable because sellers only pay for an advert when their target customers view the app. Another advantage for the advertisers is that they can choose their target audience. Advertisers can categorize their audience based on their age, gender, and location among other traits.

App users get adverts on the devices and have an opportunity to earn rewards for viewing ads. The rewards are in form on instant cash or airtime. Users can also provide feedback on the adverts. The feedback is essential to sellers because it helps them develop betters ads that can attract more customers. Setting an advert on the app is very easy. You simply follow three steps as the app prompts you to run your advert. You can schedule adverts that you intend to run in the future as well.

Another amazing feature on HitPesa is the ability to get instant reports on your ads. You can generate instant or continuous reports on every ad you set on the app. Hence, you can determine the ads that are effective and those that need modifications. The reports also help you to understand the preferences of your target market.

The internet has limited information about Hot Pesa and its function. However, the information provided here about HitPesa should eliminate the confusion about the two Apps. HitPesa is different from Hot Pesa right from its name to its functions and outlook.

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