HitPesa App Rewarding Users with Airtime and Mpesa for Viewing Adverts

The world of advertising continues to evolve and it obviously can’t better than this – getting a reward for paying attention to what is being advertised! This has been made possible through HitPesa, a new advertisement platform that is highly affordable for advertisers. As a user on this platform, you also are not left out. You will not just go through adverts but also get rewards in form of airtime and money through Mpesa. It is an unbelievable platform but yes, it is true. Advertisers would mind using it due to its affordability and easy-to-target features whereas views enjoy watching adverts that are suitable for them. Ideally, HitPesa is a new platform from which business can do advertisements at highly affordable costs while being able to meet the most suitable clients for their goods and/or services defined by age, location and gender.

So, what makes HitPesa a unique platform?

Well, people are usually not in the habit of following up on something if it doesn’t meet their needs. Customers will only buy goods and services when they are ready to and not because businesses want to close a sale. Conventional adverts have been challenged in this way in that the target audience will tend to shy off from them even without looking at the details contained in it. To address this problem, HitPesa seeks to reward users, in this case, the target audience for watching adverts. The platform delivers adverts to your phone and you earn instant airtime or cash by watching them.

With HitPesa, adverts are sent to a user’s phone based on their location, age and gender. On their part, advertisers are able to track the performance of their advert via a free website. You would be correct to say that HitPesa will reward users for paying attention to these adverts. HitPesa platform allows individuals and business organizations to advertise their services or products and get feedback from users. As users send feedback, they get rewarded for it.

This indeed is an affordable means of advertising that is useful to all parties. Advertisers don’t have to send out information to the public blindly. They choose who they want to reach and get the most suitable and correct feedback concerning their products and services. The platform started off with users in Kenya and is expected to enter into the African market very soon.

Using HitPesa

To become a user on this platform, all you need to do is to sign up with your name, gender, phone number, country of residence and your age group. This way, users will be able to get customized adverts on their phones.  Once adverts get to your phone, you will be expected to interact with them and provide feedback directly to the advertiser. That’s it…getting rewards for viewing adverts! All you do is to sign up – view – send feedback and – get cash or airtime rewards!

Currently, HitPesa is attracting a huge following and the firm is now signing up many users from both ends: advertisers and viewers. Advertisers benefit from a cheap platform that gives them a competitive advantage in the choice location. There is hardly any costly thing to pay for as is the case with traditional advertising. More than that, HitPesa keeps your advert focused on your targets.

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