HitPesa Changing the Face of Advertising in Kenya

With the advent of technology, a lot of things have changed especially on how humans operate on a day-to-day basis. One of the areas that have faced major developments is in the world of advertisement. A new advertisement platform by the name HitPesa is the true definition of this change that has taken the world market by storm. Just like many other parts of the world, advertising in Kenya has been a costly affair to businesses in all sectors. Even with that, advertisers are not sure that they will get enough viewership.

The market is already flooded with many adverts and if your advert is not visible enough, it will definitely go unnoticed. In the end, it appears as though it is a work of guesswork where you don’t know the location of the people you are targeting, their gender nor age. With HitPesa, these problems are completely eliminated and advertisers have woken up a new world – advertise to the people that need your goods or services.

Advertising with HitPesa

Today, you can do all your advertisement via your phone, thanks to the development of a new Android app called HitPesa. You can comfortably download it from Google Play Store.  To use this new platform, advertisers are expected to sign up, create an advert and promote it. The beauty of advertisements on HitPesa is that, ads are send to viewers directly to their phones based on their age group, gender and location. This makes sure that your advert reaches your targeted audience only. It is indeed an added advantage over conventional ways of doing posters, sending adverts on TV, radio and so on, where they may even never reach your target customers.

Once you have signed up as an advertiser, the HitPesa platform gives you a free website to monitor the performance of your ad. Viewers can send direct feedback to advertisers after watching the ads. With the HitPesa app, users can sign up and act as either advertisers or viewers. On their part, viewers get rewarded with instant airtime or cash after taking time to watch the ads and sending feedback to the advertiser. To receive these adverts, users also need to sign up and give details of their location, age group and gender. The system filters out adverts to meet these defining demographics and send customized ads to them.

Why HitPesa is a Revolutionary Platform

Advertisements in the past have attracted high costs that many businesses cannot afford and sustain. This is one of the areas HitPesa seeks to change. Advertising through this platform is exceedingly affordable. More than that, this app enables advertisers to be specific on who they want to reach and their location. Conventional advertisement formats did not factor in these aspects and therefore, the success rate of these ads were highly compromised.

HitPesa beats many other forms of advertisements due to its low costs incurred in the development and posting of the ad and its ability to be specific on the target audience. It is unlikely that an advert will lack viewership because it will not land to people who don’t need that good or service. This ideally, is the new wave in advertising that has attracted many people who wish to make their advertisements as effective as possible.

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