A Tale of Kenyan App Builders

It all started when the Kenyan consumers realized that they could spice up their life, achieve more than they ever imagined in business and enhance their productivity at work using mobile apps. Skilled, creative and smart professionals identified the need and decided to come up with suitable services for the consumers. Henceforth, the market became flooded with customized and innovative apps that could meet just any need. The amazing tale of Kenyan app builders was at this point being told in every corner of the major cities in the world and every household in the villages.

Meeting the Needs of the Kenyans

The needs of Kenyans in mobile apps are broad. Some need to transfer money easily and thus, the M-Pesa and Airtel money services were developed. For a farmer in the village, the major need is to ensure that they get maximum output in their small pieces of land. The Kenyan app builders came up with the M-farm to meet the need. Other Kenyans were worried about their health and needed critical information on their finger tips. MedAfrica developed by Shimba Hills Technologies came in handy for them. Still, there were those who needed some quick financial aid and as such, M-Pepea was created to offer the services within 24 hours. Many other apps such as M-Shop, Nikohapa, Icow and Kasha Mobi have been created to meet different needs of the population.

Some Have Made More Effort to Shape the Story

Remarkably, there are companies that have contributed significantly to the shaping of the Kenyan app builders story. They include Muva Technologies, Safaricom, and OLX among others. The common element in these companies is their ability to go beyond the expectations of the consumer by coming up with innovative solutions to the day to day challenges. They have teams of qualified developers who take time to research and consult widely in the field so that they can create the best services. Their apps are also affordable and functional, ensuring that every Kenya can find and use them. Moreover, they are persistent, determined and passionate about their venture. They will therefore be available for Kenyans who wish to ask queries about the apps or who simply need to talk to an expert about different issues in the field.

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As the world supports the Kenyan IT sector and as the government makes the right policies, the tale of the Kenyan app builders will be told over and over again in the future. In the process, the developers will be motivated, the needs of Kenyans met, and everyone will be happy.

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