Know It Better: A Review of the M-Ledger App

M-Legder by Safaricom Limited enables its users to manage their Mpesa transactions easily. The free android app transforms the user’s mobile phone into a journal of financial transactions. The app scans all the Mpesa messages that the user has received from Safaricom and stores them in one database. The information that the user can retrieve from the database depends on the number of saved Mpesa messages on the mobile device. Users can also retrieve information from deleted messages. However, the app provides up to six months of the user’s financial history.

Main features

One of the features on the M-Ledger app is a display of the Mpesa history for the immediate last six months. Users can generate detailed records of their financial history in various forms including charts and graphs. The app shows the amount the user has sent to others by day, month, and year. Another useful feature on the app is a list of the top 20 recipients and senders. It is easy to retrieve a transaction from the database if the recipient or sender is on this list. M-Ledger has a special feature for the most recent transactions, which are color coded on the app’s interface.

M-ledger displays the transactions in different categories including PayBill Transactions, Buy Goods and Services, and Airtime purchase among others. M-ledger has a universal search facility for various services that include Buy Goods, PayBill, and Bank USSD Codes. Another interesting feature on the app is that users can extract or export their transactions to an Excel spreadsheet. Business owners enjoy more features than regular app users. Business users can synchronize their transactions to the web automatically.

M-Ledger has a PIN protection system that users can activate if they want secure their data.  The user will be prompted to provide the unique PIN when opening the app after activating this feature. The PIN provided is different from the Mpesa PIN

Pros and cons

The app provides a convenient, easy, and safe way to view Mpesa history. Users can view their past transactions with a single click on their mobile device. Another advantage is that the app is easily accessible on Google Play Store and Safaricom’s app store. M-ledge is free to all users. Users can install and use the app with no paperwork.

The downside is that the app displays the history for the past six months. Hence, users who need financial reports for a period longer than six months have to log on to Safaricom’s website to generate a report. Another disadvantage is that the app is only compatible with the android platform. Mobile phone users whose devices use Windows and iOS cannot access the app. However, Safaricom is working on extending M-Ledger to these and other platforms.


M-Ledger is a great initiative by Safaricom to its Mpesa customers. The app enables users to access and manage information on their Mpesa transactions easily on their mobile phones. The app is free, simple to use, functional, convenient, and safe. M-Ledger will serve more Mpesa customers when Safaricom extends it to Windows, BlackBerry, and iOS platforms in the future.

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