Introduction: Laravel 5.4 Multiple Authentication System Using Default Authentication System

Hi there, Laravel 5.4 multiple authentication system development enthusiast. Thanks for checking out our blog, Muva Technologies is a software company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We develop solutions for our customers that solve real world problem, we focus on four broad categories namely, Mobile Solutions(Apps), Web solution and websites, web hosting and domains, and last but not least, Consultancy and Training.

Consultancy and Training is at the heart of the companies strategy for creating a knowledge sharing culture among software developers. We are taking it a step further by availing this tutorial to some of the most daunting tasks that developers face every single day. We believe in sharing knowledge so as to become better at what we do, and help others.

They say you could learn something from everybody in your life, today marks the beginning of learning how to create multiple authentication system in Laravel 5.4. An authentication system is one of those things that every application of any real size is going to require at one point or another. Luckily, Laravel 5.4 makes this pretty intuitive.

In creating multiple authentications in Laravel 5.4, we are going to use divide and conquer approach. Here are the topics that we will cover in this series:


Part I: Creating Laravel Multiple Authentication System Using Default Authentication System in Laravel 5.4

• Part II: Creating our admin model and Admin guard in Multiple Authentication System

• Part III: Creating Admin routes and Controller for our Multiple Authentication System

• Part IV: How to login Admin in our Multiple Authentication System

• Part V: Testing and Configuring our Admin Guard for Multiple Authentication System

• Part VI: Tweaking the Middleware to properly redirect user to the intended view in our Multiple Authentication System

• Part VII: How to logout multiple users in our multiple authentication system

• Part VIII: Learning how to do password reset when users forget their password.

Having a fixed set of skills is what makes developers proficient in a specific area, but growth means continuous development, continuous learning. Ready to Learn!


Getting started with Laravel 5.4 Multiple Authentication System Part I.

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