25 Best Mobile App Development Platforms and Tools In 2017

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming crucial for organizations and businesses that aim at achieving their goals without a hassle. They are also becoming dear to the consumers who need to learn, get entertained and buy goods and services. Hence, a mobile app developer can make a remarkable achievement by investing in the field. They must, however, be familiar with the various platforms and tools available in the market. The best ones worthy considering in 2017 are:

1. WidgetPad

The open source and collaborative tool enables a mobile app developer to do code editing, debugging and managing projects. It uses web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript. Further, it can be utilized to create apps for iOS and WebOS.

2. Appcelerator

The tool helps a developer to create native mobile and tablet apps through various languages such as HTML, Ruby and Python.

3. MoSync

The tool supports various operating systems such as Android and Symbian. Still, the developer is offered incredible tools such as runtimes, libraries and integrated profilers.

4. Mobile roadie

For anyone who wishes to create and manage android or iOS app, this tool is just perfect. It supports all media types such as education and sports.

5. Unity3d

The platform is utilized to create video games for mobile devices, websites and PC.

6. Apple pie

With this tool, a developer does not need any skills or experience in mobile development. As the name suggests, creating an app is as simple as making a pie. The developer will also view live analytics and track location with GPS.

7. Corona labs

The platform offers a developer an instruction document to guide them through. Both the unskilled and professionals in the field can hence benefit by using it. It is ideal for creating games.

8. The AppBuilder

The platform is designed to help create apps for corporate events and organizations.

9. RedHat

The platform allows a developer to create and deploy apps using open technologies. They also have control over policy management and security issues.

10. PhoneGap

The tool is free to use. The apps developed can be deployed across numerous mobile devices. It also supports different platforms such as android iOS and webOS.

11. Alpha Anywhere

The database-oriented tool assists developers to create web and hybrid apps that can be functional on the offline platform. The performance of the apps is solid; they also have a native look.

12. iBuild apps

The tool offers developers templates for iPad, iPhone and android apps.

13. AppGiver

The tool allows the developer to host hybrid iOSad android multipage apps.

14. Good barber

Individuals who do not understand the coding language can use this tool to design apps that can work in android and iPhone devices.

15. iFactr

The platform is ideal for creating apps for mobile workers. Within a few days of training, it is possible to use it successfully.

16. Sencha

The tool allows a developer to create apps in HTML5. It is desirable for someone or an organization seeking for a tool that can work across all devices and on all platforms.

17. Cocos2d

The tool offers five different platforms. It is ideal for game development.

18. Xamarin

The tool offers app store delivery, monitoring and performance testing to an app developer. It has been used to create products for Microsoft and IBM.

19. 5App

The tool is primarily designed for companies wishing to develop apps for their employees.usingHTML5 and JavaScript coding, it exports apps to iOS and android.

20. Kony

The platform offers developers testing and analytic tools.  They can also use cross-platform JavaScript code. It is ideal for organizations that need apps that can work across a range of devices.

21. FeedHenry

The tool offers back-end services and features to help a developer create apps that can function across all devices.

22. SAP

The latest version on the tool helps a developer to create apps using a single HTML5 code.

23. Dojo mobile

The platform is distributed by IBM. It is appropriate for organizations which desire to create light weight mobile apps using an open source web platform. They can download them freely.

24. Game salad

Anyone wishing to develop games within one hour should utilize this tool. Advanced features are provided to help them create functional apps.

25. AppMachine

The tool makes app development easy. It is effective for scanning a site and finding feeds of content.

Clearly, there are many tools and platforms that will help mobile app developers to succeed in their craft in 2017. Nonetheless, they must consider various options and narrow down to the ones that are ideal for their clientele base and budgets. They must also be considerate of the new inventions and versions released as the year grows old. The professionals in the field can train the developers to make the right choices.


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