Know it better: My-Mshwari for Mpesa’s Mshwari App Review

Mshwari is a product by Safaricom Limited that enables Mpesa customers to save and borrow soft loans. The conventional way of accessing Mshwari is through the Mpesa platform. Clients get notifications on their loan status via Mpesa messages My-Mshwari provides an easier and faster way for Mpesa customers to view transactions in their Mshwari account. Here is a full review of the app.


My-Mshwari enables you to access your loan status at any time without reading through Mpesa messages. You can view the period remaining before the loan falls due. The app shows you the loans you have borrowed within a specific period. You can view all the transactions and activities on all your loans from the time you borrowed to the time you completed payments.

The app can display a summary of all loans and expenses in a year and all the debits and credits in a month. You can generate reports for a specific period in terms of loan activities and deposits. The app also shows your transfers from Mpesa to Mshwari and the balances in both accounts. The app displays Mpesa messages that relate to Mshwari transactions but not other Mpesa transactions. In addition, you cannot deposit or borrow money via the app.

Pros and cons

My-Mshwari app gives full information of all loan transactions and deposits in your Mshwari over time. It enables you to generate customized reports. You can view your progress in repaying your loan via the app instead of waiting for Mpesa notifications. The app does not share your data with third parties. The downside of the app is that you cannot borrow money via the platform. It does not replace the features and functions of the Mshwari menu on your SIM-toolkit. The app enables you to view the history of your transactions but not conduct new transactions. In addition, you cannot view the history of other Mpesa transactions.

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