What is the next big Cryptocurrency – 5 Coins to Look Out For

The cryptocurrency investing world is finally waking up to the fact that Bitcoin is very far from perfect.

Over the past few months, it has lost some market share yet why is cryptocurrency going up in value all the time? It is hanging on to its value, albeit less than it was a couple of weeks ago.

Although BTC has many problems, some of its own making and some of them a result of it being the first real cryptocurrency the world had ever seen.

This, unfortunately, doesn’t help BTC, yet what it has done has shown the crypto world what is possible for a cryptocurrency and what problems they have to do to make their coin a viable replacement for Bitcoin.

At present, there is a bandwagon that so many companies have jumped on in the hope of making some money.

They have followed BTC too close, and they either have the same problems, or they have not tried to add value to what they offer, although their website might say it, their promises are very far from kept.

In a saturated market of over a 1000 altcoins finding BTC’s heir to the throne takes quite a bit of research combined with a lot of guesswork.

2018 is a promising year for the coins who bring value to the Crypto scene.

To save you a lot of the legwork and pinning that tail in the crypto donkey and finding which cryptocurrency to buy, here are five candidates to make their name felt this year.

Bitcoin Cash

This was a result of a BTC fork when they attempted to fix one of their many problems. This altcoin sits just below the top level on the cryptocurrency chart and for a good reason. Bitcoin Cash is steadily gaining popularity as it brings with it the following:

  • High Security – built on robust Blockchain technologies
  • Ease of use – Simple for individuals or businesses alike
  • Low fees – global payments cost pennies compared to high BTC transaction payments
  • No congestion – not affected by more users unlike Bitcoin
  • Speed of transactions – these are completed and confirmed within minutes rather than hours for BTC


This coin is open source and accessible to everyone where you become in charge of your own funds. You are “Your Own Bank”

Monero brings the following benefits which are already being seen by many.

  • Secure – decentralized and is operated by a network of users. Your transactions are confirmed by a distributed consensus algorithm.
  • Very Private – this is done by using ring signatures, ring confidential transactions and stealth addresses.
  • Untraceable – senders and receivers addresses, as well as the amount, are hidden from view by default.
  • No Blacklisted Coins – coins are fungible, so they are never blacklisted, no matter who has used them in the past.


This coin is a currency for digital bandwidth and brings with it a host of features not seen before.

It follows no other crypto, and out of the five coins here it could be the reason to invest in cryptocurrency.

  • Skywire – a new mesh network internet. Skycoin already has a practical application.
  • Obelisk Algorithm – a decentralized consensus algorithm that prevents 51% attacks
  • No coin mining – Skywire miners provide internet connection and bandwidth.
  • Mesh network  – Skyminer’s offers privacy, faster connections, and no downtime
  • Skycoin & Skywire – this gives free and instant transactions


This coin makes it easier for developers, users to use their innovative Blockchain technologies.

They are bringing an ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual web that makes their network flexible and scalable much like Skywire does. It also offers the following:

  • Speedy transactions – block times of 8 seconds which are much faster than BTC 10 minutes.
  • Modified Consensus Mechanism – Delegated-Proof-Of-Stake (DPoS) consensus
  • Nodes – Ark miners are called delegates and perform the same task as BTC miners yet are tasked with running the network
  • Scalable – non-essential functions are passed to side chains which allow the central Blockchain to scale while retaining speed.
  • Multiple blockchains – smart bridge technology allows ark to connect and communicate with various block chains


Being china’s largest crypto and it has plans to power a smart economy with the focus on smart contracts and the public ledger.

Currently, it is around 8th on the leaderboard of cryptocurrencies so it could explode anytime this year. It does share many similarities with Ethereum. OnChain is a partner with Neo and is working closely with governments to make sure they comply in every area.

This coin is not new and has been around since 2014, yet it was 2015 when it went live. It has seen its fair share of peaks and troughs in value, yet BTC has done the same.

This coin has a lot to offer over BTC, and when China finally accept crypto’s as valid forms of payment and trading, they are going to choose their own currency before they consider anyone else.

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