Part 1: How to code web applications.

Why we need Web Applications?

In the 21’s century and with the trending business ICT revolution, Information management applications have become an essential part of most businesses. Companies have embraced what information management systems can do to them. With an information system, you do not need to care about how large your organization data is. This will take a well-developed system a second or two to fetch that accurate information you need.
The systems provide information on the previous to the present status of the businesses operations. They help the business managers to make real-time decisions because they can get the real-time data report from the systems.
What is Object oriented design
When you get more technical to the system design, there are some of the design methods that are used to approach the development stage.
Object oriented and Analysis is one of the most popular procedures supported by many programming languages. The method categorizes the system features as objects. An object in real life would be anything that has properties. A good example would be the object car. Car has the properties like;
•    Wheel
•    Seat
•    Door
•    Widescreen
The same car has behaviors like;
•    Move
•    Stop
•    Reverse
•    Hoot
How systems work comparable to how our car would operate. When you want to make the vehicle move, you will do several operations that are independent of each other but which will all contribute to the moving of the vehicle. I mean the wheels move to the directions controlled by the steering wheel. To increase or reduce speed is controlled by the accelerator.

In summary when building we design it in the object oriented approach meaning that each module of the system is independent as much as possible but all contribute to the system functionality.

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