Safaricom Fibre Internet Connecting Thika SMEs and Boosting Business

Safaricom offers fast internet services to homes and offices in addition to its reliable mobile network. The company has in the past few years rolled out an ambitious plan to spread fibre internet to all parts of Kenya. The project started in Nairobi and spread to other big towns fast. Many homes and businesses in the capital city rely on the fastest Safaricom fibre internet Kenya. The company targets small businesses with the fibre internet initiative. SMEs in Thika can now enjoy fast internet connections as Safaricom expands fibre cable network in the town.

Individual users also enjoy fast and reliable internet in their homes and offices. Recent statistics indicate that more 2,000 SMEs are connected to the fast Safaricom fibre internet in Kenya. In addition, more than 1400 buildings in Kenya are connected to the network. The expansion to Thika will increase the number of buildings and businesses connected to the high-speed internet.

Benefits of fastest Safaricom fibre internet to SMEs

Thika is the eleventh town in Kenya that will enjoy fast fibre internet from Safaricom. After launching the service in Nairobi, the company moved to other major towns where SMEs are thriving. Other towns that are already connected to the fibre internet include Mombasa, Kisumu, Nanyuki, Nakuru, and Kisii among others. The towns are home to top SMEs in Kenya. The expansion to Thika town was long overdue given the large number of new and established industries in the area.

Safaricom fibre internet is guaranteed to boost business in Thika. In the modern business world, small and large businesses must build a strong online presence to remain competitive. The majority of Kenyans spend hours on the internet especially on social media. Any business owner that intends to grow his business must target the digital generation. Traditional marketing still works but the current business environment requires focus on internet marketing. Without a fast internet connection, interacting with customers online is a challenge.

Safaricom provides a fast solution for businesses to connect with their target market online. The fibre connection is reliable unlike the conventional wireless connections. In addition to fast interactions with customers, businesses get value for their money. Business owners that use Safaricom fibre internet can attest that the investment is worth. Safaricom gives its customers different packages to choose from depending on their needs. A small company with less than ten employees has different internet requirements from a large organization.

The guaranteed speeds vary across the internet packages. The speeds vary from 1mps to 4mps. Many SMEs use the internet for basic browsing and sharing files within and outside the office. Safaricom offers an affordable package for such businesses. Providing SMEs in Thika with a fast internet connection does only benefit them but the national economy as well. SMEs are a major contributor to the growth and development of the Kenyan economy.

Fibre internet connections spur the establishment of new SMEs especially in the field of technology. Thika town is likely to witness new internet-based businesses like cyber cafes, web design and development, and SEO firms. The high cost and unreliability of wireless connections hinder many Kenyans from exploring internet jobs. Safaricom is solving this problem and enabling entrepreneurs to launch their online businesses at a low cost.

The fibre connection in Thika is not limited to offices. Individuals will also be connected to the high speed internet, which is an advantage to business owners. With access to a fast and reliable internet connection, consumers can easily order for products online. Gone are the days when Kenyan had to move from one shopping mall to another looking for products. With fast internet, consumers can have goods delivered to their doorstep with a few clicks. Any SME in Thika that establishes a reliable online store is guaranteed to make sales in the coming few months.

How to connect to fast Safaricom fibre internet in Kenya

Every small business should consider connecting to Safaricom fibre internet especially those relying on mobile data. For a business that wants to capture the online market, mobile data or wireless connections should only be considered as alternative to the fibre connection. The process of shifting to fibre internet is fast and simple. The business or office must be located in a building with Safaricom fibre cables. Many property owners have been working with the company to install the network in their building. For upcoming entrepreneurs in Thika, the availability of fibre optic cables should be among the top considerations when looking for a business location.

Established businesses may not move to new locations with fibre internet without losing their customers. However, they can encourage property owners to install the cables since the cost is low. As mentioned earlier, Safaricom offers different fibre internet packages to small businesses. For small businesses with less than 10 employees, Safaricom offers 5mbps at Ksh.4, 999. The guaranteed speed for this package is 1mpbs. Large organizations can choose from 10, 15, and 20 mbps internet speeds at Ksh.9, 999, 14,999 and 19,999 respectively. The guaranteed speeds for these packages are 2, 3, and 4 mbps respectively.

The current prices of fibre internet are subject to changes based on the provider’s policies. However, business owners can pick the package that suits their business depending on their internet usage levels and number of employees. After selecting a package, the client is required to fill an application form. The forms are available at Safaricom’s retail shops and from its sales representatives. The client or contact person is required to provide the Business PIN registration certificate and a copy of his or her ID. The client will then make a deposit that is equivalent to the price of the selected package. Safaricom refunds the deposit in the event that a client terminates the service.


The expansion of Safaricom fibre internet to Thika is guaranteed to boost business in the town. SMEs are the main beneficiaries of the high-speed internet. Business owners require fast internet to connect with their customers and stakeholders online. Individuals and businesses now have a reliable alternative to mobile data. The entrance of fibre internet in the town is good news to consumers who prefer to shop online. Safaricom has made the application process for fibre internet easy and fast. The company also offers different packages to its clients. Business owners can choose the right package that suits their budget and internet needs in their offices.

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