Significance of Big Data to Africa’s Economies in 2016

What is big data and how can it change African economies? This is one of the questions that people have been asking after the word became extremely popular in the recent years. The term big data refers to the structured and unstructured data sets that are so complex to the extent that the traditional data processing applications are not sufficient.  Accordingly, better ways of storing and analyzing data are utilized to get the required information in real time. Cloud computing and various platforms are used in this regard.

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Transforming African Economies and Societies

Notably, processing and analyzing big data is important for organizations in Africa that receive huge amounts of information on a daily basis. If well done, critical information that can bring a transformation in organizations and in the society can be obtained. However, there is a shortage of data scientists who have the ability to work with big data in an open source environment.  If such scientists are trained, jobs will be created in the field and information that can drive the social-economic development of Africa obtained. Indeed, big data processing and analysis has the capacity to transform Africa in every way possible.

Since the evolution of social media and Smartphone devices, Africans have been volunteering a lot of data in the online and offline platforms, most of which is stored in the cloud. The information contains the preferences and needs of the general population. If well processed, the data can be used by the authorities to come up with appropriate policies. It can further be used to channel the available resources towards equipping the public hospitals and schools among other places. More so, the marginalized groups in the African economies have the ability to voice their concerns and needs. As the government uses the information to make policies and distribute resources, equality will prevail in the society. The end result will be more efficient governments and a happier population.

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Helping Companies to Make Profits and Achieve Growth  

In addition, companies utilizing bid data will have the ability to provide products that meet the demands of the African population. While the companies will achieve their goals, the consumers will be satisfied after service delivery.

Certainly, processing and analyzing big data has the potential to create jobs, enhance growth and development and bring about social justice in African economies. It is, however, important to train experts in the field so that such information can be obtained with ease.

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