How to Prepare For a Software Developer Internship Interview

One of the ways to enter to any competitive field like software development is to work as an intern in an established company. Many people get the first step right. They send a good cover letter and resume to several organizations that lead to an interview invitation. However, many fail to impress their interviewers and get negative feedback after interviews. One major reason why people fail in interviews is poor preparation. Your next move after sending internship applications is to prepare for the interviews. Prepare for each interview as if you are preparing for an interview to get your dream job. If you are looking for an opportunity to work as a software developer Kenya, here are some tips to help you nail your interviews.

Get full information about the company or employer

One common mistake that job seekers make is to show up for interviews without any knowledge of the employer’s business. You may have sent many applications for an internship but the moment the first company schedules an interview, start learning about its operations immediately. Learn everything you can about the company before the day of the interview. The good news is that any serious software development company in Kenya has a website where you can get all the information you need.

Mimic the real interview

Your potential employer does not expect you to have any experience since you are applying for an internship. Hence, most of the interview questions will revolve around your knowledge of coding, data structures, and solving algorithms problems. You will also be asked about your projects in college. Prepare ready answers for all questions relating to your schoolwork and projects. You may want to revisit your notes and refresh your mind on the major topics you covered in school. The internet is always a good place to search for common questions for software developer interviews. Request a friend to ask you the questions and judge your responses.

Show passion

Most interviewers look for candidates with a passion for the job. Demonstrate your passion for coding with your personal projects and your responses to questions. If you are a passionate developer, you must have tried some projects beyond your school assignments. Talk about such efforts during the interview. If you took extra lessons to perfect your skills, refer to the lessons and skills attained as well when answering questions.

Dress professionally

Do not take the internship interview too lightly and dress up casually. Your internship may the entry point you need to build your rewarding career as a software developer Kenya. Go an extra mile and dress professionally. Buy a new suit if you must. The first impression matters to your potential employers. Even if you graduated top of your class, a casual look may disqualify you from the position.

Keep time

Lateness is simply unacceptable in the business world. Plan to attend the interview before time. Excuses of traffic congestion or incidences on the road are equally unacceptable. Allow an extra hour to get to the location. By showing up late, you send a message that you will be coming to work late. You disqualify yourself even before the interview starts.

Deal with your mistakes properly

The internship interview could be your first and hence mistakes are inevitable. Even the most experienced developers make mistakes when answering interview questions. If you notice that you made a mistake when responding to a question, do not dwell on it or panic. You will mess all other responses when you worry too much about one mistake. Move on and focus on answering other questions properly. Your interviewer can tell when you shift from confidence to panic.

Be honest

The purpose of preparing for an interview is to convince the interviewers that you are the best candidate for the job. Many candidates are tempted to lie in efforts to impress the interviewers. You may not outsmart your interview no matter how many times you have practiced a lie. The truth will surface during or after the interview. Provide accurate and honest information about your education, skills, and experience in your resume. Give honest responses to interview questions. Do not shy away from admitting that you do not know how to do certain things.

The secret to positive responses after job interviews is adequate preparation. Think about every detail of the interview beforehand and prepare to respond to all types of questions. Be positive and enthusiastic about every opportunity. As you continually apply the tips outlined above, a good opportunity will open up for you.

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