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Your interest in innovation must convey business advantages and upper hand, if the cost, which is significant is coordinated by the outcome. This straightforward target can be shockingly hard to accomplish. Our aim at Muva, Kenya is to use IT consultancy and training to help guide you so that your IT investments help meet your business objectives in a cost effective and efficient manner.

ICT Consultancy

Our IT consultancy will give you guidance on the right innovation for your business, and help you achieve the best choices whilst keeping you educated about the potential dangers. Our consultants are exceptionally experienced and will guarantee that you truly comprehend the distinctive alternatives and their relative benefits, so you can coordinate the potential outcomes of up and coming innovation with the objectives of the business.

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ICT Training

We understand the role played by training especially in technology adoption in any sector. We provide trainings as a complementary service to most of our consultancies to ensure high delivery and adoption. We also provide a range of customised training services through partnerships with corporates, education bodies or companies. Our trainings tackle recent and emerging technologies and threats.

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