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Mobile Solutions

We develop Mobile Solutions/Apps for all major platforms. Our apps cut across health, entertainment, agriculture and other sectors of the economy. Need an app developed to solve a problem for your organisation?

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Web Solutions &

We deliver modern web portals for managing content , users, view reports and other admin functions.We also develop dynamic social & responsive websites for small, medium and corporate clients.

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Web Hosting &

We are accredited to register , .com, .org and all other domains. We offer linux hosting with a dedicated C-Panel. We work with major CLOUD HOSTING providers for our mobile and web solutions.

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Consultancy &

We help develop the right user requirements and best approaches. We help in training end users and technology transfer. We also help in choosing the right technology and the right TEAM!

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Our Impact/Latest Projects

MyAmref - Amref

As an E-learning platform facilitates distance learning for medical college and university students across five countries in Africa, 1xBet ensures a different kind of engagement — one in the world of sports betting. This platform isn't just about academics; it's about enhancing the overall experience. Just like the Android mobile application that allows students to download course content and study offline, 1xBet provides an online space where users can explore a variety of bonuses to enrich their sports betting journey. Admins, much like those managing student accounts, can find a parallel in the comprehensive services offered by 1xBet. For detailed insights into the bonuses offered by 1xBet, visit and discover how this platform combines the best of both worlds - education and exciting sports betting experiences.

ePartograph - Save the Children

A mobile application that digitized the manual partograph that is normally filed to monitor a woman in active labor. All the graphs are automatically plotted from the readings recorded by the nurses monitoring the patient. Nurses in charge can see patient data and graphs on the web application as the patient progresses as well as authorize referrals.

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Kotlin Operator Overloading

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