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An E-learning platform for distance learning medical college and university students across five countries in Africa. Consists of an Android mobile application to be used by students to download course contents and study as well as web application for admins to upload content and manage student accounts. Works offline when no internet is available.


An entertainment mobile application for users to share their entertainment locations and what is happening live. Users of the app can follow others as well as the registered venues. On the web application, venues can register and manage their account and advertise. Application admin can manage users and the platform on the web application


iCourtRoom is a website developed to support African efforts to protect wildlife heritage as an important global heritage. It is a webportal that helps in tracking wildlife crimes. The system allows tracking cases from the courtroom(eyes in courtroom - iCourtRoom) and tracks this over time to reveal date related to this crimes and how to mitigate them.


A mobile application that digitized the manual partograph that is normally filed to monitor a woman in active labor. All the graphs are automatically plotted from the readings recorded by the nurses monitoring the patient. Nurses in charge can see patient data and graphs on the web application as the patient progresses as well as authorize referrals.

App and Website

An attractive website and mobile app that introduces Muva Technologies Limited, the services offered and the clients Muva has worked with. Our mobile app is being re-engineered to deliver Technology news from our blog as it happens.

A career page is also available for online job application.

County Capital

A phone management app that that interfaces administrators actions onto devices. It is used to for realtime notifications of current situation of loans and agreements between users and the firm. The project involved developing an android app and a web management system for managing the devices together with their current status in record time.


This is a mobile application that has digitized the MOH Community Tools and reporting (MOH 513, 514, 515, 517 and 100). The app aims at collecting data offline at community level using community volunteers and syncs this information online when connection is established. At end-month, the data is automatically uploaded onto DHIS2 (GOK main HIS system)

HitPesa - Muva

Hitpesa is an affordable advertising platform that allows businesses and individuals to reach a specific audience based on location, gender and age. The advertisers get a free website and a detailed reports on their adverts. Users on the other hand get rewarded for viewing the adverts.

Advertise. Connect. Grow!


StudyTimer app helps to block distractions while studying. StudyTimer is a productivity app which helps users in focusing on study/work by locking selected apps on their phone for a given time period. The app does this by locking the apps that one seems to be a distraction using a lock pattern or a password.

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